Bethsabe Rodriguez: Dare to dream big

Bethsabe Rodriguez: Dare to dream big

Bethsabe Rodriguez

Women in STEM aren’t just dreamers, they’re doers. Just take it from Bethsabe Rodriguez, Supplier Quality Management Lead at MHIRJ, whose innovative thinking and ability to face challenges with a fresh perspective have helped advance her career in the aerospace industry and contribute to major successes along the way.

If there’s one key thing that Bethsabe Rodriguez’s years of experience have taught her, it’s that in the intricate world of aerospace engineering, precision isn't merely a requirement—it's an obsession. And it’s with this mindset that she’s been able to conquer challenges and contribute to building safe, reliable, high-performance products along the way.

During her esteemed career, Bethsabe has led inspiring projects for various business and commercial aircraft models, including the iconic CRJ Series—the world's most successful regional aircraft family for the last three decades. It was her successful industry track record that led her to MHIRJ, where she now applies her expertise and meticulous attention to detail in the aftermarket sector. Her unwavering commitment to the team helped establish the quality management system required to obtain a crucial Transport Canada Manufacturing Certificate for the CRJ fleet. This accomplishment has helped ensure the conformance and safety of the parts used to maintain the aircraft and keep them flying safely.

Beyond her industry accolades, Bethsabe appreciates how working in the aerospace industry has given her the opportunity to be part of a community that dares to dream big and work with people who inspire her in the same way she undeniably inspires others. Through leading major projects, she’s been able to experience the evolution of different technologies, witness the development of new aircraft, and observe different manufacturing sites in several countries.

When speaking on being an integral part of the MHIRJ team, she says “I can enjoy a healthy work-life balance, surrounded by experienced people, where my achievements are recognized, accompanied occasionally with a spicy challenge which makes it just fun to be part of!”.



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