Unveiling the new MHIRJ Flight Deck app

Unveiling the new MHIRJ Flight Deck app

Flight Deck app

Becoming a safer and better informed CRJ pilot is now just a tap away. With the creation of the new MHIRJ Flight Deck app, pilots can access critical flight information with the touch of a finger.

This newly-introduced app eliminates the need for pilots to carry heavy and cumbersome operating manuals, navigation charts, reference handbooks, flight checklists, logbooks, and weather information in their flight bag. Instead, they can access all necessary documents using a single iPad®, which weighs less than 1.5 pounds.

With the MHIRJ Flight Deck app, CRJ pilots can enjoy the benefits of going paperless by instantly storing and accessing manual data and other documentation from their iPad® - without Wi-Fi.

Improving on existing apps, it empowers pilots to efficiently manage documents using tags, color codes, and favorites, ensuring faster access. New features such as one-touch full-screen mode and thumbnail page view make reading PDF files swift and intuitive. Documents can be easily annotated using ink, highlighter, text, notes, and various other tools. All of which reduces pilot workload and increases safety.

The app that does it all

No other solution combines automatic temporary revision updates, content user control, and aircraft serial number-specific information into one application. The new app also generates FAA, EASA, and TC-compliant audit trails for paperless¹ operations to ensure flight manuals are current. Time is saved, and pilots are always ready to fly per the latest regulatory requirements. In addition, fleet managers, dispatchers, and other members of your team can drag and drop electronic versions of aircraft documents, manuals, and forms into online folders, allowing pilots to control all their electronic documentation in one place.

Find out more on how we’ve made going paperless in the cockpit, painless.

For subscription, pricing, and availability of the CRJ flight manuals on the MHIRJ Flight Deck application, contact sales.techpubs@mhirj.com or call 437-800 3366.

For technical assistance with the MHIRJ Flight Deck application, please reach out to support@obds.com or call +1 (450) 476-1420.

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