Life at MHIRJ: Shannon Kniceley

Life at MHIRJ: Shannon Kniceley

Shannon Kniceley MHIRJ

After eight years and counting with MHIRJ, Shannon Kniceley, Quality Control Inspector, knows that teamwork makes for the best work. While the camaraderie and support of her fellow inspectors helps everyone take their work to the next level, what she’d really love is for more women to take the leap into a career in aviation.

Not one to shy away from a career path that’s typically male-dominant, Shannon knew that getting her associate degree in aviation maintenance and her A&P license would open new doors for her. After spending years serving in the Army National Guard, Shannon decided to attend Fairmont State College at age 30. This made her a shining example of someone who wasn’t afraid to step out of her comfort zone to pursue an opportunity that’s paid off in more ways than one. Watch her story:


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If you ask Shannon, or any of her teammates for that matter, getting your A&P license is the smartest step you can take towards starting a rewarding aviation maintenance career. While she considered pursuing a career in oil, gas, or coal mining, it was this path that changed the trajectory of her life. And it all started with the right education.

“We have a program that you can apply for to go to college and get your associate degree and your A&P license free since it's a technical school. You get that, and it's just giving you the tip of the iceberg when you go to school. You get the more in depth once you come out. Because the A& P license is a license to learn, and it just opens up doors of what you want to do,” she explains. Working at MHIRJ then gave her years of hands-on experience that has helped her keep learning and advancing her career. “There are opportunities here for growth. And it's there for your taking,” she adds.


As a single mom, choosing the right place to raise her son was also a key factor in Shannon’s decision to live in Bridgeport, WV after some time away. “When my son was younger, I decided to move back here because I wanted him to go to the Bridgeport schools. They have a lot more opportunities, and I wanted him to get a better education.” Now they enjoy the beauty and small-town charm of Bridgeport with convenient access to the big cities like Pittsburgh. “Aviation is a great career in which if you are a single mother, you can make a good life for yourself and your child,” she adds.

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