Reliability is the backbone of aviation industry standards. Passengers, airlines, manufacturers, and maintenance providers benefit from great teamwork and collaboration, leading to consistent and reliable aircraft service. This kind of excellence doesn’t go unnoticed.

World-class teamwork merits world-class recognition. And that’s exactly why MHIRJ is excited to announce the 2022 Airline Reliability Awards recipients once again this year. Without further ado, here are this year’s winners in their respective categories and locations:

CRJ700/900/1000 Product Category

North America

Endeavor Air, a subsidiary of Delta Airlines, has secured the 2022 Reliability Award for North America, reaffirming its commitment to operational excellence in its category. As the largest CRJ900 operator, managing a fleet of over 120+ aircraft is no easy feat. Their exemplary track-record this year resulted in a dispatch reliability of 98.90%.


Lufthansa CityLine proudly received the 2022 Reliability Award for Europe, achieving a dispatch reliability of 99.55%. Lufthansa CityLine, a wholly owned subsidiary of Deutsche Lufthansa AG, provides an essential role in connecting communities to and from major hubs in Munich and Frankfurt, in addition to numerous destinations throughout Europe.

Asia Pacific                              

IBEX Airlines was named the winner for Asia-Pacific with its dispatch reliability overall score of 99.79%. IBEX was founded in 1999 and started operations on a Sendai-Kansai Route in 2000 with a CRJ200. Today, they connect ten domestic airports in Japan in Code Share partnership with All Nippon Airways (ANA) and are a significant contributor to the revitalizing regional economies in Japan.

CRJ100/200 Product Category


Air Nostrum won the 2022 Reliability Award in the CRJ100/200 product category with its reliability score of 99.26%. Air Nostrum has won the award 10 times for the European region for both the CRJ100/200 and the CRJ700/900/1000 categories. This achievement makes Air Nostrum stand out as a regional champion, continually leading the way for the European regional aviation market by consistently exceeding expectations.

The importance of dispatch reliability

Dispatch reliability is a critical factor in aircraft operation. If the aircraft is not available, even for a short period, the consequences can be significant. Safely and efficiently transporting 99% or more of an airline’s passengers in a year is nothing short of incredible. When considering candidates for the Dispatch Reliability Award, MHIRJ focuses on product performance, airline support, and customer focus. These three pillars support the passenger experience and define how successful an airline is at transporting passengers from point A to point B.

Worldwide recognition

Established in 2009, the Dispatch Reliability Award recognizes worldwide operators of CRJ Series regional jets who have achieved industry-leading dispatch reliability rates of 98.9% or better.

How award winners are identified

To identify award winners, the aircraft dispatch reliability of airlines is monitored through a data system called FRACAS (Failure Reporting, Analysis, and Corrective Action System). This reporting system is used by aviation companies to detect, assess, and correct failures in flight dispatch—streamlining flight processes through adaptive correction. MHIRJ has its own FRACAS database through which CRJ Series aircraft in service around the globe are monitored, allowing for accurate and consistent comparative data on all CRJ Series aircraft in service.

In addition to recognizing operators for their success, the awards showcase airlines that achieve world-class performance reliability, and strive to promote a commitment to safety, consistency, and best practices. Congratulations to the recipients, and thank you for your stellar service!


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