Nathalie Chabot: Paving the skies with curiosity and leadership

Nathalie Chabot: Paving the skies with curiosity and leadership


Today we’re celebrating International Day of Women and Girls in Science by sharing the story of our very own Nathalie Chabot, Supervisor of In-Service Engineering at MHIRJ. As someone who has always been fascinated by the wonders of science and technology, Nathalie’s career in the aviation industry was inspired by her deep curiosity about aerodynamics and how an aircraft is able to defy gravity and take flight.


At just 16 years old, Nathalie attended a career forum where she discovered her true passion for working with aircraft—an interest that has stayed with her to this day.

With a string of remarkable achievements, Nathalie's career has soared to great heights. She began her journey by studying to be an aircraft mechanic at l'Ecole National Aerotechnique and, after 28 years, now finds herself leading a team of highly-skilled engineers—all still centered around the CRJ aircraft. For Nathalie, a career in science and technology has been immensely rewarding. The tangible results of her efforts and the opportunity to learn something new every day bring a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction, and collaborating with brilliant minds from various disciplines further enriches her professional journey.

Throughout her time at MHIRJ, Nathalie has discovered joy in supporting test flights and conducting aircraft inspections. She also hosts Technical Steering Committee meetings with CRJ operators which allows her to bring experts together to solve problems and provide valuable feedback to enhance the overall experience for operators.

Several key attributes have helped Nathalie advance in her career. First and foremost, she does not take herself too seriously, embracing different perspectives and keeping a sense of humor. Nathalie strives to comprehend her co-workers' points of view, allowing her to adapt and excel in any situation. Making lists of actions, following up on them, and knowing when to choose battles also contribute to her success. Nathalie firmly believes that taking action, even if it means making a mistake, is better than inaction. She encourages knocking on doors, asking questions, and being confident in finding the right answers. It’s through mistakes that personal growth is fostered, after all.

Nathalie Chabot's journey is a testament to the power of curiosity, leadership, and continuous learning. Her unwavering dedication to the aviation industry and her ability to bring people together have made her a truly valuable asset to MHIRJ and the regional aviation industry as a whole. As she continues to soar through the skies, Nathalie's passion and drive will undoubtedly inspire countless others to pursue their own ambitions in science, engineering, and technology.

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