Interview with Ross Mitchell on Pilot Shortage

As the pilot shortage continues, members of the aviation industry are rallying together to push for resolution. As the largest regional MRO, MHIRJ is working in solidarity with our industry partners to lobby for change, so we joined them at the recent Regional Airline Association meeting in Washington, D.C. While there, we sat down with Ross Mitchell, Vice-President, Strategy and Business Development at MHIRJ, to talk about the impact it’s having on a community level, and the solutions being implemented on a national level.

While issues related to the pilot shortage cannot possibly be remedied overnight, the urgency of the situation remains very real. From customers to Congress, everyone is talking about the challenges the regional aviation industry is facing in the U.S., and the short- and long-term solutions that need to be brought to the table.

By connecting with other members of the industry, we can all better understand these solutions, along with what needs to be done to make them happen. Together, we can strive to return to fully functional service without a labour shortage. Mitchell explains:



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The key takeaway is that finding solutions to relieve the labour shortage needs to remain a top priority at every level. It’s imperative to keep service up and running, to keep communities connected, and to maintain economic stability and quality of life.

All industry stakeholders and the impacted communities need to be involved in order for our collective voices to be heard. In this spirit, MHIRJ recently joined The Rally For Air Service coalition, a group comprised of industry partners, airports, airlines, and concerned citizens uniting for action on the pilot shortage. Find out more at RallyforAirService.com.


Let’s continue the conversation, keep pushing for change, and keep our sights set on a better future in aviation.

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