Rally for the Industry

The labor shortage in the aviation industry is impacting air travel across the nation. A shortage of pilots and skilled technicians is causing interrupted service and disconnecting communities. We’re rallying with our industry partners to create necessary legislative changes, and you can too.

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Check out our articles in WINGSPAN for expert insights into what’s being done, and what’s to come:

As regional travel continues to be impacted by the pilot shortage, smaller communities remain the most affected. MHIRJ’s Ross Mitchell talks about what MHIRJ and its industry partners are doing to take a collective stand and push for change.

The race to close the gap in the pilot shortage continues. As short- and long-term solutions are rolled out, how can new technologies play a pivotal role in getting pilots safely trained and accredited faster? Aviation expert Randy Babbitt weighs in.

Bryan Bedford, CEO and President of Republic Airways, discusses the effects of the pilot shortage on family, work, economic development, flight cost, and service availability Bedford also talks about how regulations around pilot training need to change in order to alleviate the pilot shortage without sacrificing safety.

The effects of the pilot shortage continue to be felt across the nation. We sat down with Dion Flannery, CEO & President of PSA Airlines, and Chairman of the Regional Airline Association and discussed the realities everyone faces until concrete changes are implemented.

Industry analyst and data expert, Courtney Miller, spoke to MHIRJ about what he sees happening if viable solutions are not put into play to help resolve the pilot shortage and maintain regional service.

Drew Jacoby Lemos, Vice-President of Government Affairs with the Regional Airline Association (RAA), talks to us about the importance of industry stakeholders rallying together to help alleviate the labor shortage and make room for new technologies.

Rick Leach, President and CEO of GoJet Airlines, speaks to MHIRJ about how the pilot shortage is affecting the integration of new technologies and the availability of aircraft like the new CRJ550.

Industry expert, Addison Schonland, talks about what the aviation industry can and should do differently post-pandemic to help get more planes off the ground and new pilots in the air. Schonland also comments on the structural barriers that continue to limit the pace of progress.

Amel Belkhamsa, Head of Aftermarket Commercial Services at MHIRJ talks about how we are continuing to evolve post-pandemic to become even stronger as an MRO provider, and better equipped to serve our ever-growing customer base.


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